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Methods gives you an introductory explanation and overview of the techniques you can learn

Evo Process

Project Management - a set of advanced and proven skills to manage projects successfully.

Requirements - how to specify Business Values, Stakeholder Values and Product Values so they are meaningful, clear, quantified and measurable.

Inspection and Agile Inspection - document quality control done effectively and efficiently

Services we offer, how you can utilize us, and where you can attend workshops and lectures.

About-Gilb - history and clients of Tom Gilb & Kai Gilb

Courses, Lectures, Consulting, Coaching, and Experience workshops you can order.

Many people get to know us by arranging a short focused half day Knowledge Transfer Workshop

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You can get Certified in a range of Value Management and Agile Inspection disciplines, and you can build up your Level of expertise within each discipline, starting with getting Trained, then demonstrating Praxis in real projects, and finally After more use and training get a Maestro Certificate.

Value Requirements, Value Decisions and Value Delivery Certifications make up the project management trio to equip you with the skills to manage, develop and deliver projects, with a focus on delivering Stakeholder Values and Product Values, within Development Resources. The workshops must be taken in sequence, but can be taken one by one.

The Value Product Owner Certification is aimed at the Manager or Product Owner of Scrum or other Agile methods. You will learn how to create a Product Backlog that is optimized and prioritized to deliver maximum Value for minimum Development Resources.

With a Inspection Leader Certification, you will know how to lead an Agile Inspection.
And with a Inspection Owner Certification you will learn how to set up processes, standards, forms, a database etc. and manage a team of Agile Inspection Leaders.

Books gives you an overview of the books you can read to learn more.

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The Papers Cases Slides Tools Downloads section contains about 160 completely free files for you to study and learn; to start you off, we recommend the Gilb-Essentials directory, then you might want to move to the Gilb-Papers directory for in-depth knowledge in a variety of subjects.

In our Blog, we keep airing and sharing new ideas, you might want to subscribe to the Blog RSS(external link), and we welcome your comments very much.

There is a lot more content here, some only available if you Register (passcode=value) and Login, and even more if you have acquired a Agile Inspection or Value Management Certificate. The main menu on the far left side, will expand to reveal extra goodies when you login. This site is built for your participation and contributions, we now have 2900 Registered users here, and you are most welcome to join us!

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